LT Days 2023

Many thanks to all of you for your support and participation in this year’s hugely successful Lithuanian Days Fair! We appreciate you!

A special shout-out to these members…

Aida Merrill who hung our new posters with incredible precision.
Kristina Dudor and Jurate Sepikas kicked off the start of the weekend beautifully representing our booth.
Angele Vaiciakauskiene and Dalia Teti for their warmth and welcoming of all the guests who stopped by.
Regina Polikaitiene and Vita Vilkiene for their flair and expertise in getting donations.
Patricia Wright for manning the booth and hanging in there during the sweltering part of Saturday.
Tara Barauskas and Tanya Dorff for their commitment to our mission and selling of tickets to Kūčias.
Audrone Kazlauskiene for donating her beautiful greeting cards, Vale Ruzgys for donating amber works of art, and Dalia Teti for her handmade “Worry Worms” which the kids just loved. All these gifts brought in a lot of donations … thank you ladies!
Also, a big thanks to Giedra Kiskis who showed up exactly when needed to knock down the booth.

We look forward to working together again toward a successful Kūčias Fundraiser on December 17th.

Darija Francesco, Vaida Holwager, Patricija Jocas, Vaida Mikuckis and Vilija Kirsonis