Daughters of Lithuania LA Meeting

Super successful Daughters of Lithuania LA meeting yesterday (Sunday, September 17, 2023). Many thanks to all who participated. We appreciate that you shared your experiences, offered your suggestions, and supported our work of love. We are inspired by you!

Happy Easter / Linksmų Šv. Velykų

This Easter, we are pleased to share a letter and photos we received from the Šilo School for children with special needs … one of the many places where we are able to create a positive impact thanks to your support (translation below).

Spreading a message of love and hope,

Daughters of Lithuania LA

Laba diena Mielos Lietuvos Dukterys LA ir remėjai,

Labai džiaugiamės ir dėkojame Jums už nuolatinę mūsų globą ir dėmesį, kurio jau ne vienerius metus sulaukiame!  Kiekvieną kartą gaudama laišką iš Jūsų, patiriu džiaugsmą ir bendrystę, kad, visgi, Lietuvos dukterys Amerikoje, ir mes – Lietuvoje, esame viena komanda, dirbanti dėl mūsų Lietuvos vaikų.

Jūs, nors ir esate toli nuo Lietuvos, tačiau Jūsų širdys yra čia. Mes jaučiame Jūsų gerumą ir dar kartą dėkojame.  Jūsų skirtus pinigus panaudosime mokinių išvykoms, edukacijoms, stovykloms. Tai jiems suteiks nepamirštamų įspūdžių.

Žmonės pradeda žydėti ne tuomet, kai ateina pavasaris, bet kai turi kam…
Šiais žodžiais noriu Jus pasveikinti artėjančių Velykų proga palinkėdama Jums prasmingų darbų, gražių minčių, o gerumo Jūs labai daug turite.

P.S. Nuotraukose matysite mūsų mokinukų Velykinius margučius, kuriuos jie Jums siunčia su geriausiais linkėjimais!


Sigita Bajerčiūtė

direktoriaus pavaduotoja ugdymui

Vilniaus Šilo mokykla

Dear Daughters of Lithuania LA and supporters,

We are very happy and thank you for your constant patronage and attention, which we have been receiving for many years!  Every time I receive a letter from you, I feel joy and fellowship that, after all, your organization in America and we in Lithuania are one team working for our Lithuanian children.  

Although you are far from Lithuania, your hearts are here. We feel your kindness and thank you again.  We will use the money you provide for student trips, education, and camps. It will give them an unforgettable experience.

People start to bloom not when spring comes, but when they have hope …

With these words, I want to congratulate you on the occasion of the upcoming Easter, wishing you meaningful work, beautiful thoughts, and gratitude for your kindness.

P.S. In the photos, you will see the Easter eggs made by our students, which they send you with best wishes!

Donating coats…sharing the warmth

Sharing a few pics from Sigita Bajerčiūrtė, the Director of the Vilnius Šilo School for children with special needs. The school has gifted the jackets to Ukrainian refugee kids that they have taken in and are helping care for.  

The staff at the Vilnius Šilo School is enormously grateful for these parkas. We’re so grateful to all of our friends, like Danute Scola, who donate items to send to Lithuania and support our work of love.

This Love Belongs to YOU!

On this Valentine’s Day, we are pleased to share a few photos from the kids in Lithuania …. greetings being sent directly to you, filled with love and gratitude for your support.

Thank you for opening your hearts to the children and elderly in need.  

We hope you feel the love that is being sent your way today!

From St. Joseph’s Home for Families in Paparčiai:

From the Day Care Center in Obeliai:

From St. John’s Home for Children:

From the Pamūšio Home for Children in Pakruojis:

From the Vilnius Šilo School for children with special needs:

From the Sodžiaus Meistrai Trade School:

An update from Sodžiaus Meistrai

We just received this newsletter from the trade school we support – “Sodžiaus Meistrai”. Check out the accomplishments that this school has achieved last year. Thanks to your donations, the Daughters were able to provide scholarships for young people to attend this trade school affording them fantastic opportunities for their futures.

From the bottom of our hearts (and feet)

Many many thanks for the many many socks and backpacks the Los Angeles Skautai donated to the Daughters of Lithuania LA. They will bring warmth and joy to the kids in need in Lithuania. We had a fantastic time visiting with the scouts and participating in their traditional “sock fight”. So grateful to have such thoughtful friends in the Lithuanian Scouts who continue to be committed to helping those in need.