Kryziu Kalnas

One of the most incredible places on Earth!
I have wanted to visit Kryziu Kalnas for years. No matter how many photos I have seen, I was not prepared for what it is actually like to visit. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Amazing!
Some of the posted information said that there were over 100,000 crosses on the hill, but I’m sure that information was many years old. There had to be Millions of Crosses. MILLIONS!
My first visit was about 2 hours in the morning, but that was not enough time, so I returned in the late afternoon by myself. This time I spent almost 4 hours. As it got later, I was the only person out there which is something I will never forget.
I took almost 1,000 photos and could have kept going, but it got dark!
Here are just a few of them. I will post some more later on.

*HoC 14sm
*HoC 8sm
*HoC 5sm
*Hoc 3sm
*Hoc 13sm

Hill of Crosses at Sunset
Hill of Crosses at Sunset