On the Road in Lithuania

In August, Darija, Vilija and I set off on a road trip to visit the different orphanages, schools, families and groups that the Daughters of Lithuania support.
The first step was to rent a car that would hold all of the suitcases filled with school supplies, backpacks, winter parkas, vitamins, candies, etc that we brought to distribute. It wasn’t easy to stuff everything in, but we did it. We even managed to carve out a small spot for Vilija in the back seat.
That job took most of the morning and finally we set off on our road trip to Paparciai, Kaunas, Siauliai, Smalininkai, and finally Rumbonys.
That first day we got our first glimpse of the amazing cloud filled skies of Lithuania. Each day was more beautiful than the last, and of course I took hundreds of pictures of just clouds.
I will post a few of those photos later.

LT Road 1sm

LT Road 2sm

LT Road 3sm

LT Road 5sm

LT Road 6sm

LT Road 7sm

LT Road 8sm

LT Road 9sm